Why us?

Let us tell you about the many reasons we are the right choice!


The Final Loans will let you know the exact loan approval with loan details e.g Terms, Rates, Monthly Payment of Loan. We never keep our clients behind the clouds

We have our own lending associates and never work with bunch of brokers like other companies do. We most care about our clients credit. Once you receive funds you can check your credit there will only 1 – 2 inquiries will appear on your file and if we disqualify any client, client’s credit will remain same

If you have a 660 credit score or higher then you can get personal/business loan from $10,000 to $400,000

We get paid based on getting you funding. So, if we cannot get you funding, we do not get paid. We are specialize in getting clients funding,

We do not charge any upfront fees ever.

We do not require an “excellent” credit score.

We do not require extensive documentation or collateral.